About us

The EXELTOOLS range is the result of over ten years'research and studies. It was created by our expert dent-removal technicians, concerned about your technical constraints and expectations in terms of effectiveness and quality of finished work, in order to allow you to carry out finest and most complex work.

Most of our EXELTOOLS products are patented. They are Made in France, designed using the most high-performance materials and machined, assembled and checked, according to an extremely demanding Quality assurance process and tested in the most extrem conditions. They guarantee high-quality, reliable dent removal. Aesthetic, ergonomic and resistant to intensive use, EXELTOOLS provide you with comfort, speed of execution and perfect results.

A unique brand of tools on the international market

EXELTOOLS tools are designed in the heart of the company and manufactured in France by local SMEs and VSEs, i.e. about fifty people in the Cher department. The 550 references of the EXELTOOLS range intended for Paintless Debossers are distributed in France and throughout the world, representing more than 50,000 tools sold each year.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

It is a process that allows the removal of dents on the car body without the use of putty or paint.

This innovative technique requires specific training and expertise.

Paintless Dent Removal can be used to repair door dings, projectile impacts or hail damage to vehicle bodies. Paintless Dent Removal training is for everyone, body repairers, sheet metal workers, painters, garage owners, etc.

1. Performance

After undergoing extensive training, our dent removal technicians master a state-of-the-art technique that allows them to work on dents up to the size of a bowling ball.

2. The cost

No more putty, solvent or paint, you save on raw materials. Your intervention times are reduced thanks to the speed of execution.

3. The service

Your customers' vehicles are immobilized for less time and the cost of repairs is reduced.

4. Authenticity

No color deviation, the original paint is preserved.

A complete training

the dent removal technicians have mastered a state-of-the-art technique that allows them to work on dents up to the size of a bowling ball

The Paintless Dent Removal Lamp (or reading board)

It provides an ultra-precise vision (to the micron) of the structure of the paint, also called the orange peel. It allows a refined and qualitative treatment of the different surfaces to be dent removed.

Our Paintless Dent Removal lamps have a European patent (N°EP2481491)

The range of specific tools "European cars".

These tools have interchangeable tips for versatility and multiple use. This range of about a hundred references is made of a specific alloy, ensuring its solidity, its malleability for a precise work and easier access.

The range of specific "European cars" tools has a French patent (N°FR2883203).

The "Icetools" range: a tool with an ergonomic handle

The Icetools range is equipped with 3 different handle sizes. It allows a better grip, a greater precision and an increased technicality for Paintless Dent Removal.

The "Icetools" range has a French and European patent (N°EP2383051)

Research & Development

Since 1999, Jean Jacques Brunie has never stopped inventing, creating and developing an exclusive tooling department, adapted and dedicated to Dent Removal without Paintless Dent Removal.

Today, we offer more than 550 references.

With 7 tooling patents, including 3 for Europe, EXELTOOLS has established its reputation as an inventive and reactive company, 100% French, at the cutting edge of technology and with innovative tools.

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